Family Owned Since 1979!

Bud Chatham dreamed of owning the Snake River Cabins since he was an 18 year-old skinny kid, toiling away his college summers at SRC. He’d scrub the bathrooms by day, and talk for hours on a payphone to his incredibly smart and talented girlfriend (now wife) Kelly by night. Bud’s uncle Stan and aunt Karen ran the property for three decades and at every turn, they gave Bud a chance to show his stuff. Despite being young and skinny, Uncle Stan gave him the thumbs-up to train as a river guide under two legendary guides, John Hunt and Rick Seavers. Note: he’d still spend every evening on the pay phone, a source of much entertainment around the campground. But in no time, Bud advanced to head guide, leading the show for 5 seasons. No more toilets or non-existant muscles for this guy!

After thirty years of SRC love, Stan and Karen eagerly handed over the park to Bud and Kelly in 2010 and skipped off to the fishing holes and golf greens for a well-deserved retirement. The gratitude for the opportunities Stan and Karen showered over Bud and Kelly runs deep, especially for Kelly since one summer Karen took it upon herself to teach Bud to cook, and now he cooks up a wicked-good pots of spaghetti and grills elk burgers fit for kings!

Here we are talking all about the Chatham family, but the plain truth is that Snake River Cabins owes its success to the incredible family of employees that take on the challenges and triumphs of each day with smiles, smarts, muscles, and heart. In the last 10 years, we’ve…

  • Brought in 36 deluxe cabins
  • Added scenic river trips with incredible views of the Tetons and Snake River Range
  • Remodeled the office and lodge
  • Remodeled both our bathroom and shower houses
  • Planted over 300 trees and shrubs throughout the campground
  • Served and entertained hundreds of thousands of guests

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A Grand Teton sized thank you for visiting our incredible property!